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Published:December 12th, 2008 19:34 EST
Did The Cops Find Caylee Anthony's Remains?

Did The Cops Find Caylee Anthony's Remains?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Caylee Marie Anthony (born August 9, 2005), from Orlando, Florida, has been missing since June 2008 and has attracted national attention for the mysterious and dubious circumstances of her disappearance and possible death. Her mother, Casey Anthony (born 1986), was indicted on October 14, 2008, for first-degree murder of Caylee. Police found Casey Anthony`s account of Caylee`s disappearance suspicious after learning that Casey had not reported her daughter missing for over a month. The last time Casey Anthony claimed to have seen Caylee was on June 9, 2008, but the child`s disappearance was not reported to police until July 15, 2008." Wikipedia


Caylee Anthony has become America`s toddler, we have seen video and photographs of her countless times on TV since she was belatedly reported missing by her criminally negligent mom in June. We have avidly been following her saga not out of prurient interest, but because she represents what could happen to our daughter, niece or granddaughter.


There are certain cable news personalities who are making a career out of exploiting Cylee`s tragedy, and I hope their ratings will sink like a stone. I don`t keep up with the case by listening to these leeches, but by reading reputable publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post.


When we see video of Caylee the toddler we wonder what she would look like as Caylee the teenager, but we will never know. There will be no video of Caylee`s high school prom or college graduation, and no photographs of Caylee holding her own baby. Caylee`s life ended abruptly and prematurely, and all that`s left of the cute baby are skeletal remains. This is a result of her mom`s criminal negligence at best or homicidal wrath at worst.


For the sake of Caylee`s grandparents, family members and millions throughout the world who are horrified by Caylee`s misfortune, we have been hoping and praying for a semblance of closure. Finally it looks like we have learned the fate of the missing toddler.


"A medical examiner found evidence among a child`s remains that link them to the home of a missing toddler, the county sheriff said Friday, offering the strongest indication yet that the remains may be those of Caylee Anthony.



Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said investigators searched the home early Friday after the medical examiner found `some clues that came out of the remains` that `linked it to the house.` He would not say what clues were found.



`We took some things out of the house that the forensic people are very interested in,` he said.


The remains were found Thursday by a utility worker on a wooded lot less than a half-mile from the house where 3-year-old Caylee lived with her grandparents and her mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony." The Associated Press


It`s almost certain that the remains are those of Caylee, but law enforcement officials won`t make a definitive statement until DNA results come in a few days. You don`t have to be Sherlock Homes to deduce that the remains are those of Caylee: There are no other missing toddlers in the area, and the remains match those of a three-year-old female.


It`s tragic that Caylee was found dead and not alive, but hopefully now that there`s a body Casey Anthony can be tried and convicted of murder. In a court of law Casey is innocent until proven guilty, but in the court of public opinion and in the blogosphere we are free to express our opinions. It is my opinion that Casey is a heartless monster who cared more about having a good time than taking care of her daughter. Casey looked upon her beautiful child not as a gift from the heavens, but as a nuisance who kept her from having a good time. I believe that Casey should spend the rest of her miserable life behind bars.