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Published:February 3rd, 2009 12:58 EST
Wisdom Of King Solomon: TV Is An Essential Good

Wisdom Of King Solomon: TV Is An Essential Good

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Brazilian judge awarded $2,600 (1,824 pound) in damages to a man who sued a store for not replacing his faulty television set, ruling that it was an `essential good` needed to watch soccer and a popular reality TV show.

The customer took Casas Bahia, Brazil`s largest furniture and home appliances retail chain, to court for "moral damages" inflicted by not being able to watch television.

`In modern life, you cannot deny that a television set, present in almost all homes, is considered an essential good,` ruled the judge from Campos, a town north of Rio de Janeiro."


We complain about how much time our children waste sitting mesmerized in front of the TV, and we refer to the TV as an idiot box or boob tube. But the technological marvel is an "essential good", and however much we complain about the TV, most homes have one in almost every room.

A house without a TV is like a car without a battery, it`s a dead soulless thing. Without a TV an individual is cut off from the lifeblood of society. A TV is a mirror that shows us the vibrancy of our democracy, as well as the vanity of our pop culture.

A Luddite who doesn`t own a TV is culturally illiterate, unable to engage in a meaningful conversation with an average TV-saturated person. America is the Super Bowl, American Idol, Sweating to the Oldies, Sham Wow, Fox News hotties, Snuggies, talking heads, Sex and the City, the Geico Gecko, Casey Anthony, Time-Life music library collections, election results, The Video Professor, Cinemax softp{o}rn movies, and televangelists. If you aren`t hooked into this matrix, you aren`t a human being, much less a patriotic American.

I wish the Brazilian judge sat in our Supreme Court, his wisdom exceeds that of King Solomon. The TV is an essential good -- truer words were never spoken.