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Published:June 21st, 2008 18:47 EST
Western Governments Ignoring  Lessons of  Shattered Soviets Dreams

Western Governments Ignoring Lessons of Shattered Soviets Dreams

By SOP newswire2

In a recent NPR interview, Zamir Kabulov, a young Soviet diplomat in Kabul during the 1980s and now Russia`s ambassador to Afghanistan said that Western governments are ignoring the lessons of the shattered dreams of the Soviets.
American-led war in Afghanistan
In 29 years since that invasion and 20 years after the last Soviet tank left Afghanistan, neither the ruggedness of its terrains nor the unruffled defiance of its people have shown an iota of weakness in the face of the renewed invasion, albeit by an international coalition.
The truth is that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being waged on the basis of impulsive hubris and assumed superiority of the Western fighting machinery on the ground and in air. For the mess in Afghanistan, virtually all of Pakistan, and for ?getting no where` in Iraq, Sunnis, Shias and now Iran-backed Special Forces, are alternately escape-goated.
The truth is that without the round the clock overhead presence of Predator drones, foreign forces in Afghanistan are isolated and regularly defeated by the guerillas " call them Afghans or Talibans. Unfortunately innocent civilians become the target of the Western frustration, who are then summarily labeled as `suspected Taliban fighters.` Unfortunately, Bush`s pooch Hamid Karzai sits hundreds of miles away in Kabul to ever verify, let alone question, if such claims were true. 
Death of 3o Pakistanis including 11 soldiers in a recent US air strike shows that the American-led war in Afghanistan is quickly spreading into Pakistan.
Is this a moment of joy for Obama who had not long ago suggested bombing Pakistan? Or a scoring point for war-obsessed-I-said-so John McCain?
The truth is that Soviet Union followed the current military approach in Afghanistan and failed; only, it took them eight years to realize.

So, what`s the prescription Doc? Continue with the BuChRoRum fabricated Islamophobicin and Terroromycin, in higher dosage? I better hurry, because due to the nosediving economy, I heard pharmacies have restricted hours these days.
Oh, and you said, come January 20, 2009, these will be sold without prescription for the next 100 years under the stewardship of the McCain-Lieberman duo and will be particularly available on Iraqi and Afghani streets! (I know, I know; forget a pharmacy there, the way things are and will be in future " foreseeable and unforeseeable both.)
Is it also true that these will be manufactured totally in the US? Good, we are Americans and must buy ?Made in America` goods only. Screw the Chinese ?after they adulterated our blood thinner Heprin, who would trust the Chinese with our fear-inducing medications? We will show them what it means to be truly patriotic Americans! Just the way, John McCain describes, these days!
The blood-sucking CEOs of the dubious mortgage companies and banks and devious oil fiefdoms are already complaining that after using the Chinese-tainted Heprin their libido for more blood is already declining and the Bush administration is grief-stricken. That explains why Bear-Stern was bailed out in billions earlier and why the bill to tax the ever-increasing humongous quarterly profit by oil companies was first laughed at then defeated on the floor.
Bail-out in billions, war costs in trillions " wow, these numbers rhyme and sound like lilting music to the ears. No wonder, the pre-schoolers are reported to be learning their numbers in reverse, from the highest possible downwards. With these numbers on one side and our savings in negative on the other, don`t you think, soon zero will be wiped out from our math books? Is it a fine legacy of no child left behind, or what?
This election year becomes interesting by hour.
Abdul-Majeed Azad