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Published:June 23rd, 2008 12:48 EST
The Armenian Issue, Genocide By The Ottomans?

The Armenian Issue, Genocide By The Ottomans?

By SOP newswire2

Recently, the Swedish Parliament decided, nearly unanimously, that there had not been an Armenian genocide by the Ottomans. Swedish officers were on duty as observational officers in the 1915 incident, when Armenians started to shoot at the Ottoman Army from behind and as the German General ordered the expatriation of the Armenians in the region.

Ottoman Empire


Hence, Ottoman army paid in silver, daily moneys to the Armenians (half the amount to the children) and pushed them to the south. Swedish officers and under officers followed this plight as observers and their reports are in the Swedish archives.


This is the reason why there are Armenians today, in southern Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen. Many Armenians emigrated to France and USA. Had they been killed, there would not be Armenians in these countries now.


Armenians lived happily in the Ottoman Empire and contributed significantly in all the professions. During the WW1, with the influence of the British, Russians encouraged Armenians to revolt against Ottomans and Armenians, in many instances murdered Turks and Kurds. (70.000 In Van region and more in other regions.)


Russian archives have abundant reports on these, which Prof. Perincek of Turkey recently has discovered.


Archives of Ottomans, Germans, British and Russians and of the USA and of Armenia have plenty of evidence that there has been no genocide whatsoever.


The UN has no resolution on that and no court has decided on such a thing. Armenians are afraid to open up their archives as this would reveal their lies.




Republic of Turkey who`s close to 70 diplomats were murdered by Armenians is collecting evidence to sue Armenians in the International Court soon, as well as those states which recognized the Armenian genocide which did not happen.


Armenia is also guilty for murdering the citizens of Azerbaijan in the Nagorna Karabach, in order to gain land.