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Published:July 8th, 2008 15:31 EST
Barbie® gets advise from Cameroon

Barbie® gets advise from Cameroon

By SOP newswire

Re: Barbie to Mattel: Stop and Say You`re Sorry

Barbie® believes in

"Famed celebrity, Barbie®, gives exclusive interview to The SOP revealing the truth about her disappearance and the source of her heartache."


From: zoneziwoh zoneziwoh <>
Jul 8, 2008 10:48 AM
Subject: Barbie to Mattel: Stop and Say You`re Sorry

Hey! Who`s Barbie®? Tell her she is just being naughty. I don`t see why she is crying.

Instead of wasting precious time crying, Barbie®, go and make peace and also try to gain the love of your fans thus putting your enemies to shame.


Hello Zoneziwoh!


Thank you so much for taking time to offer your advice.  I have read your work and your SOP bio page and I am, like, honored to have your attention.  Thanks to the SOP, I am able to get my message out to you there in Cameroon and to the rest of the world.


You can find a, like, pretty comprehensive bio of me here.  You can see more pictures like this here:


Zoneziwoh, just like you, I also believe in justice and in trying to help those who are being unjustly prosecuted or tormented by big government or big business-- regardless of the cost.


Once you, like, learn more about how horribly Mattel is treating my friends, I hope you will support me and, like, write an article to express your shock and, you know, like, your outrage that such a once-respected company like Mattel would stoop to such corporate, you know, terrorism over nothing.  They are making me and so many miserable, see?


Thank you, Zoneziwoh, I will continue to enjoy your work at the SOP.



NOTE: Barbie® asked The SOP to act as go-between to answer her many worried friends without exposing her whereabouts. Send your thoughts and concerns to Judyth Piazza, Managing Editor,