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Published:March 24th, 2009 11:18 EST
1 Million Pounds Stolen From Me

1 Million Pounds Stolen From Me

By SOP newswire2

My Heart Award is where? The Police are Charring Cross are corrupt what happened looking back from 2008 / 10 years ago.   They stole my life and my 1 million pound / £20,000. a year for life contract when broken down.   Its for what?  Swimming / Modeling / competitions.  To date they have stolen £360,000. and I would like what rightfully belongs to me, yestaday evening I was at CX police station they kicked me out the front door and said you have now burnt your bridges here meaning?  I am telling the truth and you should check the CCTV. 

There are photos being kepted in a safe place, and recordings of people talking about me which the Travellers have,  yes they stole everything from my family and changed the will for the whole estate to the name James.
I can say this much as a little boy I watched 3 men rape, beat and stab a lady in 1988 in Cardiff, She was not a 21 year old sex worker called Lynette she was my mum Pauline, who was married to a Duke if I am right.  This is a major Scandal cause they even put 3 innocent men behind bars who have now been released and they stole everything from my family,   I am not stupid I am not crazy I was drugged up and put under some sort of trance which broke after I was put to sleep for a operation last year.   I remember everything very clearly,  after they killed her I was then made to hold a knife and was placed in a bloody jumper I was so scared I actually sh*t and piss myself as a child cause they made me push it too,  they told me it was fault she had died then I was beaten badly and they used a gun to scare me and then smashed it around the side of my face and nock me out cold I was left for dead dumped in Rubbish,   This was just after I was awarded £20,000. a year for life which they forced me to sign over bending my arm backwards.
As a young boy I was drugged up and made to believe I was Vincent Hills. Why? Because I see bad stuff happen and because they wanted to steal my family estate. I have very little more to say besides from all I ever wanted in life was to settle and make sure my loved ones were happy and safe from harm.  Even when I went to the 2nd Wedding they said for 1 more day you get to be Sean by this time I had been placed in care under the name Vincent Hills, They accepted a award and left this Country, I think they went to australia and dubai to Invest my award,   I didn`t do nothing wrong as a child and so much was forced on me.   I have been sexually abused and badly breeched of my human rights.   David Jackson CEO of a 2 billion dollar company came looking for me and last year in 2008 sent me £10,000. a view into what happened to me 10 years ago,   I even have a friend who is from New York and tokyo last time I see him we were driving around in a Red Ferrari convertible in Soho.  
Kind Regards
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