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Published:September 9th, 2009 10:12 EST
Response to "UN Plays a Key Role"

Response to "UN Plays a Key Role"

By SOP newswire2

In my opinion, Mr. Ban has been a dismal failure in preventing the worst humanitarian crises the 21st century has witnessed.

For the crises in countries like Sri Lanka and Myanmar, he said ` I have made it quite clear to the presidents `. It is appalling for the chief of United Nations to make such comments without moral authority. United Nations is seen as the only hope in protecting the most vulnerable societies in the world.

On his last trip to Sri Lanka, he was taken on a `guided tour` to one of the several detention camps, maintained for `showing` in the north of Sri Lanka. The uniformed children were made to chant `Mr. Ban, welcome` on him and in turn, Mr. Ban smiled at the children. These children, over 60,000 in number have not had schollinmg for two complete years. They had to trek through a vast shrub land to reach these camps. These children are kept behind barbed wire rings with military pointing guns towards them.

Mr. Ban, without realizing the true conditions to which these children are subject to, praised the conditions of the camps in a press conference.

Mr. Ban is also responsible for sending his envoys to Sri Lanka during the heightened war, to announce an `imminent blood path` and broker ceasefire. It is everybody`s guess what happened to the trips made by the envoys.

At a time when the world is moving away from the human issues for geopolitical and other economic reasons, Mr. Ban has not served the purpose for he was installed. End result was a mass carnage unleashed on the Tamil minority and long detention of innocent children.

Mrs. Sandy Vadi