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Published:October 19th, 2009 20:53 EST
What Has Happened to the American Dream?

What Has Happened to the American Dream?

By SOP newswire2

I`m just an American trying to make a difference in this country. My perception involves the satisfaction of expectations relating to the sensations of a subject or an object! It is about doing something meaningful with my life. Unfortunately, in today`s society you can`t depend on family or friends. It`s about slamming the door in your face or throwing you under the bus. We`re living in twenty-first century America and projecting a 1968 image.
The media always wants to sensationalize a story and never except the responsibility for projecting negativity. There is no such thing as an ethic & public policy. It has turned into an outburst! That states: I have mine and I don`t care if you ever get yours ". Loving thy neighbor comes with restriction these days. Is it about broadening a political base or operational control? I`m willing to bet that it is the defamation of color. Save your money and stop the scare tactics!
Who should be judging me based on my sexual preference and the person that is sleeping in my bed?  I didn`t realize that you were entitled to what goes on in my personal life!  Is this reality television or is someone paying me for the exclusive rights "? You call yourself a Christian who`s peddling hatred, prejudice and ignorance in the name of god. Your calling me a socialist, racist and a Nazi, lets ask Jesus which one of us is committing a sin?
After wearing a military uniform and giving my country six years of my life. The house and the senate want to determine what I should have as an American. You have your bills paid and telling the media about my point of view concerning the economy and you haven`t even spoken with me. That is called misrepresentation. I find it disgusting and just plain wrong.  It`s no longer being guilty by association. It`s guilty by choice!
Why be apart of a generation who cannot survive without a gadget and unable to handle one on one human communication or interaction? What about common courtesy, family values and the belief in hard work? It`s all about Instant Gratification " and coveting what your neighbor has acquired. There are individuals who want to control your personal life, as well as your finances.  Determining if your worthy of success and not providing you with the opportunity to prove yourself.  What has happened to the American dream?
Thank you,
Robaire Watson
San Francisco Bay Area