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Published:November 6th, 2009 14:29 EST

Several Grave Mistakes in Reyes' Article About the Fort Hood Tragedy

By SOP newswire2

There are several grave mistakes in Reyes` article about the FortHood Tragedy
 If you look at the list of suicides and psychologic problems,  medical doctors rate as Nr. 1 . And among the medical doctors, psychiatrists rate as nr 1.
This is due to several reasons : Difficulty of this profession and constant confrontation with people`s problems, ease to fall in depression etc. A closer study is available in any book of psychiatry.
Major Dr. Hasan was a psychiatrist. The act he did is an act of "delirium tremence" - not an act of Islamic terrorism. First of all, Islam, a religion of God, like Christianity and Judaism, is based on love, peace, justice. Islam and terrorism have nothing to do with each other. Whoever says he is doing a terrorist act on behalf of Islam or another of God`s religions, and whoever says someone is doing terrorism on behalf of Islam or another of God`s religions, can be categorically classified as ignorant about Islam and religions of God.
There are economic-political-psychological- pathological  reasons why people commit
terrorism -no religious reasons.
Major Dr. Hasan was going to be sent to Iraq (to his native land?) as an American officer.
American officers are not liked in that area. Major Dr. Hasan, would be a special target
in Iraq for the terrorists there, because he is American and because he is Iraqi serving the American interests. I believe this must have been the strongest reason for his becoming crazy and shooting the people around him and himself.
His being Muslim wasn`t the reason.
Fort Hood Tragedy: Clear Case Of Islamic Terrorism! It is crystal clear that the Fort Hood massacre was the work of a Muslim terrorist. The American public is losing confidence in the mainstream media because they refuse to tell the truth.