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Published:November 24th, 2009 14:06 EST
Analyzing Proprietorship of Success

Analyzing Proprietorship of Success

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Comment on the article: Judyth Piazza, Proprietor of Success

When I first joined TheSOP,, it was merely as a result of coincidence. Judyth had interviewed a certain real estate man who offered "a second home in Venice". And I had just published my humorous masterpiece, "THE SECOND VENICE".

I wanted to inform with the hope that my book would appear in it. It worked! TheSOP wrote about THE SECOND VENICE. (The book appeared in other sophisticated papers also such as (History of Venice section),,,,,,,,,  and hundreds of places like Hurriyet Daily, Euroturk, Mitt-i-Hanminge, Newsitaliapress, etc.

Not only that, all my six published books found their place on Proudly, I started to write for as well. I was impressed by the ability of its Editor-In-Chief to recognize such a big talent like me! (Mostly, editors throw my articles away or put them in file 13! You can judge for yourselves my eighty articles published by - under my name Askin Ozcan, in the "writers" section, and a few in other sections, when I wanted to disguise my identity.)

Judyth is indeed a born journalist and a terrific editor. Her enterprise today signals a sparkling success. Her concern over the world and national problems; interesting developments in the sciences, arts and religions; her sense of humor and willingness to share it with her readers; her ability to organize a chain of media, influential locally, nationwide and internationally; her conviction that a good and awaken media is the pillar for a progressive society, are manifested at the sop and the other media which she directs.

One doesn`t only read for its very interesting and colorful articles; one gets a chance also to meet very interesting people through it. I am happy to be a member of TheSOP family.

I hope that Judyth finds, with her media, her deserved place in the world. I am sure, one day, and her various media outlets will be among the most viewed by the world`s young intelligentsia. (And who knows, together with it, maybe my books and articles too.)


I have a few other books completed and I am in the line for publication: Architecture And Education: An Interface; the Story of The Ice Hockey Stick; Fortunes Made, Fortunes Lost (alternative title: How to lose a fortune by really trying?)


For those who want to start a writing career, I have a few words:

Please consider the following:

1) There are 13.5 million books in English alone in the world markets. To be read you need a media outlet which will help you promote your book.

2) Known big publishers take 1 manuscript in 200 - often via literary agents. Often they invest in "average" quality literature for optimum sales. (Capitalism)

Digital, POD publishers take about 20% of the manuscripts submitted.

3) People are too busy with the TV and the Internet. Fewer read books.

4) It is not what you write always which is appreciated, it is how you write.

5) Last, but not the least: People don`t read what they see, they read what they want!


Have a good day.

Askin Ozcan

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