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Published:November 29th, 2009 22:30 EST
Dear President Bush, Why Didn't You Read My Letter?

Dear President Bush, Why Didn't You Read My Letter?

By Richard Taylor

 Dear Mr. President,

  I am sending this letter via registered mail because it is the highest form of delivery in the United States that insures that you will get it. Please read and understand what is truly happening to this great nation of ours.

  I have written you before but you are so sheltered from the real world that "heaven forbid" you should read the truth. Enclosed you will find a copy of it and the response that I received. I know you didn`t personally see it, but I pray you see this one.

  I had a stroke two years ago and by the grace of God am alive to tell you about it. I had a supernatural experience that healed me of it, but that`s not what I`m writing you about. Having my stroke was like being born again. I don`t know how to describe it other than I can really "see" what our society, our congress, and our democracy has deteriorated into. A democracy should be a celebration of power of, by, and for the people.

  Our problem stems from a lack of concern for one another. We deny there is a crisis and pretend things are okay. Sure, it took 9-11 and thousands of lives to open our eyes and pull us together, but are we going to let it stop there? We must consider what it means to unite and indeed to love one another.
  I`m not talking about romantic love or touchy-feely love, but the agape` kind of love to all humankind. It`s how the world works. A loving and spiritual conciousness is what holds us together and keeps us together but it is losing it`s hold. I`m not talking about religion, because religion is not love or spirituality. Religion is everybodies right. It`s article one in the bill of rights and our forefathers worked very hard in thinking them up and forming a structure for us to live by, but it is slowly eroding away. History bears whitness to our resistance to love and spirituality. 

  The Romans, Mayans, Incas and Egyptions were all great nations like us. But where are they now? What happened to them? They must have forgotten about God as we understand Him. They must have lost faith. Faith is the miracle of love. We do have faith-based organizations but they are dwindling.
  Since 9-11 everybody says "God bless America" but do they really mean it? Do you believe in God? I`m not a religious fanatic asking you this question. From one human being to another. As our forefathers have said "We are all created equal". I, as one of the citizens of these great United States of America, would like a response. I`m sure everyone in this great nation would like one.

 Most of us citizens have become politically resigned. We`re not even registered to vote because we don`t know what we`re voting for. We`ve become economicallly trapped. Everything to us is materialistic. And even though we have enough, we want more. What about the millions that are starving to death? What about the homeless? what about the sick? Bill Gates has opened a foundation and pledged twenty four billion dollars to help those in other countries.

 That`s one person. What about these great United Staes of America? We have so much of everything and yet there are people starving to death on this planet. We wage war on everything from drugs to terrorists. What about waging peace? Isn`t it time for spirituality to come out of the closet? Shouldn`t we care as much for others as we do for ourselves? We teach our children to "do" but not to "think". We teach them all consumerism and to worry about themselves. What about everybody else?

 Ahhh! That must be what happened to the Incas and all the others and Enron is just the start of it. We have to ask ourselves, "What about everybody else?" "United we stand, divided we fall" We need to place ourselves in other peoples shoes. There are the haves and the have nots. There shouldn`t be any have nots. Not with our great wealth and technology. We`ve got to get out of this me-ness mentality.This war and hate mentality. We spend billions on our military yet we still have hungry and homeless people on our streets. "Our streets", not "their" streets". What`s wrong with this picture?

 Gen. Shwarzkopf once said "Love thy enemy, but by God fight `em." At least he speaks of love and God. I want to know who controls this great nation of ours? Is it you? or is it big bussines such as Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, Enron (Oops, they`re extint) or your secretive C.I.A, F.B.I, or even our,  or should I say "your" Secret Service?

 What`s the big secret? we are all taught to be so secretive. What are we afraid of? Fear breeds anger and hate. Is that why we have such a big war machine? Why couldn`t we create a "peace machine"? We have the money and technology, but we`re afraid to be honest with each other and tell the truth. Why? Are we too absorbed in being dialectic?

 I looked it up and it means "The art of using forms of reasoning so as to make fallicies pass for truth." If that`s what we`re all about, then we`re in for a world of hurt. We need to quit looking the other way and face the truth, not make everything "seem" as if it`s okay. I am going to quote a few things out of the book I am sending you. It`s called "The Healing of America" by Marianne Williamson.

 "Awakening: Whereby we find our own wisdom and reassert our personal power, reeducate ourselves concerning things we`ve ignored or forgotten, seek to be free thinkers, rethink Love, reclaim the political process, create a citizen-based politics, to move beyond war and find the feild of peace.

 Politics itself is now dominated by negativity and discord, and vessels of emotional and psychological violence have no capacity to bring forth peace. Legislation can be likened to medicine: it can treat the symptom, but does not necessarily treat the cause. The cause of all societal dis-ease is the tearing assunder of our underlying"unity". You just can`t pass a law and say "There! be united".

 The game of the culture has been to respond to our feelings of disempowerment by exploiting those very feelings: trying to convince us that if we buy this or that product, or elect this or that official, our feelings of well-being will be miraculously restored.

 Pretty numbing, huh! For decades our American public education system has taught us what to think, not how to think, not to question, but just do. We need to get back in touch with our feelings. We`re people too. What about us?

 I feel that you have become so exalted, so high and mighty in our perspective, that we forgot that we`re the ones who elected you, who hired you to care us. I guess you`re too busy being one of the elites of the haves and the have more`s. We are just not plebes or waifs running around to take care of "his majesty". Does the phrase "We the People" sound familiar?

 Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could see how our great society is today and who runs our structure today. The "Haves". If they saw it, they would croak again.

 Then there`s the press and your public relations. Back in the seventies, investigative reporting was heroic. Woodward and Berstein revealed the secrets of the Nixon White House, leading to Nixon`s resignation. They were watchdogs then. Now, they use falsehood and inuendo to make things "seem" to be the truth, when in reality, it is a lie.

 President Kennedy once said, "For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie- deliberate, contrived and dishonest- but the myth- persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic." America needs a truer sense of a world much larger than us. We are neither alone nor any better than anyone else.  God created us all equal, didn`t He?

 Is it true that we are the only western industrialized nation that does not have universal healthcare? Isn`t healthcare a human right? "I am certain" said president Kennedy, "that after the dust from centuries has passed from our cities, we too, will be remembered not for our victories or defeats in battle or politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit." Can we still make that saying true?

 Is it also true that we spent in the vacinity of twenty nine bilion a year for our CIA`s yearly espionage budget, but we can`t take care of our sick and our homeless and hungry? We should be ashamed of ourselves. I can here the "yeah buts" now.

 Which brings me to the biggest truth you need to understand. Marianne tells about an Egyptian diplomat she met while she was visiting Egypt. Remember that this book I`m sending you was published in 1997, four years before 9-11. This is the quote from pages 316-317. "Your technology is amazing, but America seems spiritually polluted to many of us. Your ways are not our ways, while we were temped for a while to think that your ways should be ours, we do not think that anymore. This is the problem, Ms Williamson, and there will be terrible consequences in the world if Americans do not come to understand this. Islamic terrorists have such success-if you would call their campaigns a success-because they have been able to persuade millions of peasants that America is bad. It was not too difficult to do, Ms Williamson. All they had to do is describe the television programs you export to this part of the world, and millions of our people are horrified."

 He told her that five years ago. How many people paid with their lives for our right to film movies with terror and violence in them. Did they get the idea from our own movies that the thing to do to get our attention was to fly passenger jets into the World Trade Centers?

 Today is March 25th, 2002, six months after 9-11, and I saw a show last night on TV called "Command decision". It was about terrorists that commandeered a jet with nerve gas on it headed for Washington. I wonder where the terrorists get all their horrendous ideas from. Us? Movies that we take pride in making?

 I speak the truth, and we, as a nation, need to face the truth. Lets start being honest with ourselves. Lets teach the young the truth too, for they are our future. They learn only what we teach them.

 I was watching Fox News Sunday and they had the speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert on. He was commenting that we have Swiss cheese legislatrion because when things go to court, they get holes picked in it. Why? In my eyes, our constitution is being sabotaged little by little. Didn`t you take an oath to , to the best of your ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States?

 Mr. President, if you haven`t read Marianne`s book, please do so. It speaks the truth, and that`s what we need right now. It speaks of renaisaince. I looked that up too. It`s "the revival of anything which has long been in decay or extinct." We`ve been in decay for a long time. Lets do something before we go extict like the Mayan`s and Inca`s. There is one thing that`s universal, and that`s Love. We need to reinvent politics and quit being economic slaves. Emotional dishonesty is an American disease. I am writing you this letter in order to create an opportunity for "YOU" to become one of our great leaders and find a cure for our disease.

As Marianne says in her book, "You know. Now do."

 Sincerely: Richard Lee Taylor.