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Published:January 4th, 2010 22:37 EST
Confused and Ignorant About Islam

Confused and Ignorant About Islam

By SOP newswire2

Dear Mr Pat,

Reading your comment, Response to SOP Reader on Islam, I find you totally confused and ignorant about Islam. Permit me to explain:

The Koran does not say at all that there will be peace in the world once all the world succumbs to Islam and kill everyone until the world accepts Islam. A person who says that, has not read or understood the Koran at all and is spreading ignorance and hate.

There are unfortunately many like that.

In the Koran, which accepts all the religions of God on equal level on earth,  God says to Muslims: "Your first duty, as a Muslim, is to protect the books we sent before we sent The Koran (the New Testament, the Old Testament and Zabur (the Psalms which came to Prophet David)-"

In the Holy Koran, God says to Prophet Mohammed: "Your duty is to deliver this book to people.

Whether they believe in it or not is not your concern. You are not the watchman for people`s beliefs!"
What a contrast to what you say about Islam, eh, Mr. Pat? Did you forget these paragraphs Mr. Pat or simply you didn`t read the Koran in full?

The Koran also says: "All the God`s religions on earth have equal value." The Koran also says to the Muslims: "Talk to the Christians and the Jews and propose to them to build altogether an Abraham`s Nation. If they accept, they would be doing the best and the most beautiful." totally the opposite of what you are saying Mr. Pat. Which university did you study religion at Mr. Pat?
It is you Mr. Pat who is burying Islamic and Christian facts too, under propaganda. Maybe you are paid by the weapon industry Mr. Pat? History is full of facts that religions, no matter Judaism, Christianity or Islam, have been subject to enorm propaganda by ignorance, by politicians and economic profitism. Or else why should the crusaders make so many crusades when the Bible says, "Those who believe in God from their hearts are brethern" or as the Barnaba`s Bible (in the Louvre and in Vatican its copies exist) says, "Jesus said to people that the next savior will be Ahmed" (meaning Mohammed.) As you know when the Christian Council gathered in Iznik (Turkey) to decide what to include in the Bible and what not, somethings were excluded. Maybe this fact too Mr. Pat?  Or was Barnaba not a disciple of Prophet Jesus? Everything else he has written in the Bible matches with the other Bibles in the market.
You have not read and studied the Koran and you are throwing dirt to me. I will not read your next comments because I find you ignorant about Islam and religion Mr. Pat and would not like to waste my time reading your totally ignorant and rubbish claims. There are so many professors of religion at the American, British, Egyptian, Turkish, French Universities. I can read their books. I recommend you do the same after you read the Koran and the Bible too.
Religions have been misunderstood in the history and were subject  to propaganda and political and economical profitism and are now too. They burned Kepler because he said the earth was round and revolving around the sun.

Have you studied the culture and civilisation of the early Muslim Arabs in the 11th and the 12th century Mr. Pat? Who brought knowledge all the way to Northern Africa and southern Spain? Established universities and taught medicine, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, geography. Unfortunartely their civilisation was destroyed from within by those ignorant about Islam. Like you are. Like the so-called Muslim militants who have misunderstood Islam because of  propaganda or political, economic benefits. Like the owners of weapon industry who have misunderstood Christianity.
There is not a single sentence in the Koran that people must be converted by force.

Prophet Mohammed made only wars against those who were going to kill the Muslims for their belief in God- only for self defense. You single out paragraphs to confuse the people to force them to be like you. The Koran is not read by single paragraphs. It is a book of 6666 paragraphs which must be read in its entirety. The paragraph you mention is what the Muslims should do, if their lives are threatened by non-believers who want the kill the Muslims for their belief in God.
There are many like you who have totally misunderstood the Koran, in Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan other Muslim countries, the U.S. etc. That is because of the ignorance of these people Islam is suffering. Like Christianity too: which says love and peace, but the weapon factories rush trillions of dollars worth of weapons to every corner of the world to make wars. Terrorists are educated. Wars are ignited. For a qualitatively superior Christian life Mr.Pat? Which is disparaged by crime, drugs, environmental pollution,  divorces, hate, an excessive materialism and greed and ignorance.

Yes Mr. Pat you are a victim of propaganda and ignorance. Please read the Koran and the Bible and don`t open your mouth unless you have mastered them and studied considerably at one of the many competent universities. Otherwise people laugh at you.

SOP Reader