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Published:January 13th, 2010 10:16 EST
Response to Islam In America - Are the two conducive?

Response to Islam In America - Are the two conducive?

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Islam in America: Are the two Conducive?

Like many articles on the topic of Islam, this article too is a victim of ignorance.

1- No one should write on any subject, he doesn`t know about. If one writes an article on physics, without having read a single book of physics, one becomes laughable. The same in Islam. If one writes or talks about Islam or calls himself Muslim, without having read the Koran and understanding it, he becomes laughable. The same as writing about Christianity without having read the Bible. (Including the Bible written by Barnaba - one copy in The Louvre, one copy in the Vatican, and there are three other copies in the world only.)
Many who call themselves Muslims have not read and understood the Koran. If they make violence or if they confuse their traditions which may seem awkward by others, with their religions, this is not the fault of Islam, it is the fault of those who have misunderstood Islam. Islam is in The Holy Koran, a guide book to all mankind sent by God, via Prophet Mohammed. The miracles it sits on are explained in The Koran. Just the same as The Holy Bible which is a guide book sent by God, relating the teachings of Prophet Jesus, the word of God on earth. All the prophets of God are of equal value, as they are the prophets of God, the same God. There have been innumerable prophets sent by God -some were bigger in their capacities than the other prophets.

The misunderstandings about the Holy Bible and Christianity are just as many as the misunderstandings about Islam and The Holy Koran. Let us not attribute these misunderstandings to the religions of Islam or Christianity. Let`s attribute these misunderstandings to ignorance, to political and economic forces, to traditions. Let us try to understand what Islam and Christianity or Judaism are, and learn to distinguish between the traditions and the religions and between the violence, crime, ignorance and the religions.

The true understanding about any of the God`s religions can only be achieved by reading all the books of God, not only one, and understanding all the books of God- not only one.