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Published:February 22nd, 2010 11:18 EST

Were they abducted for no reason, human trafficking, or extra terrestrials?

By SOP newswire2

Do you notice any conspicuous clues when you watch the McStay home videos?

I`m very intrigued with missing person`s case. Many thoughts have crossed my mind such as, are they abducted for no reason, human trafficking, extra terrestrials? But my fantasies are just that. The reality is that there is usually a simple solution. I watched the videos and there is an unnerving amount of tension between husband and wife.

 She DOES NOT want to move there, and he is NOT acknowledging her whatsoever. You can hear him even tell his daughter to "stop it" when they again question why he didn`t take the other route to the house.

I don`t think the actual location should be over analyzed here; she simply is looking for any excuse not to move. But by my intuition on subtle remarks, and even when there is no remark, is raising a huge red flag here. People generally do not act completely themselves when they are filmed, but he is clearly ignoring his wife.

Again, she does not want to move, at least there. What detectives know and we won`t is whether or not one of them was a part of a witness protection program, but they don`t fit the stereotype of people who would be involved in these types of situations.

 From a profiling perspective, it really appears as if the tense relationship may have "snapped." What I`m suggesting is this guy killed his family and probably himself. People do dirty things in this world, and even the most normal "snap." That would be my best bet.

Jaklik R.