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Published:March 11th, 2010 16:03 EST
Muslims do Their Evil Deeds in Accordance With Their Holy Book

Muslims do Their Evil Deeds in Accordance With Their Holy Book

By SOP newswire2


Yes Judyth, I agree that there are Christians and Jews doing things they ought not to do but do you know what the difference is between them and the Muslims who commit atrocities?  They`re doing it in opposition to what the Bible says.  Jesus says to love our enemies.  Torah says to love God and our neighbor and to be a light to the Gentiles.

Life in Gaza

Muslims do their evil deeds in accordance with their holy book and therefore, Islam is inherently a religion of hate.  A Muslim has a religious obligation to subjugate the entire world.  That and the fact the Koran is a contradictory book with some of the most ridiculous pronouncements ever made, including the sun setting in a swamp, shows Islam is not worshipping the one, true God.
Till, when he [the traveller Zul-qarnain] reached
the setting-place of the sun,
he found it going down into a muddy spring, ...
-- Sura Sura 18:86
You claim to have read and understand it but what is there to understand?  Islam offers no assurance of eternity, no forgiveness of sins and promotes things like polygamy which we all know is against God`s law.  It promises an afterlife of virgins if you murder your enemies and die in battle.  We need, as men like Geert Wilders do, to stand up and resist the encroachment of our liberties before the monster of Islam consumes them and makes us another Muslim backwater like all the others in the Middle-East and Asian world.

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