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Published:August 16th, 2010 22:30 EST
Terri KNOWS The Preditor

Terri KNOWS The Preditor

By SOP newswire2

Have you considered that Terri KNOWS the preditor AND the cops knew that from day one which is why they haven`t arrested her and instead focused on her communications?

The cops focused on Terri`s lies and cell phones and the fact she didn`t bring home the science project like she told Kaine she would.  AND the landscaper....clearly there IS some deception on her part there are too many factors (the most damning one though is those cell phones).

And then your articles come out and IGNORE all those facts.  Ignores the facts entirely really and SPECULATES on what the cops are saying and acts like the SCRUTINY OF TERRI WAS NOT JUSTIFIED!  Well it was and still is justified, GET OVER IT.

Remember, Dede`s lawyer said even HE would be surprised if Terri wasn`t charged.  She will be charged and you might wanna rethink your stance on this one or hold back until they release more facts or you might make an ASS of yourself.   And we WILL REMEMBER THAT.  ~

"The force that created the unimaginable splendors and the unimaginable horrors has taken refuge in us, and it will follow our commands."

"St. Catherine of Siena

This Very Well May Be `The Last Waltz` For the Kyron Horman Investigation! They are desperadoes waiting for a train. " I was shocked and surprised on Wednesday when they pulled out those ridiculous photos of a mock Terri pick up truck parked on various rural roads. Is that all they got?

WASH OUT! DEAD END! The Kyron Horman Investigation is going NOWHERE! - There`s nothing harder than reporting no news like it is news. The Multnomah County Sheriff`s Office press conference at 2:00 PM yesterday was a non-event. A WASH OUT!

Kaine, Desiree and Tony Plaster Media with `WANTED POSTERS` of DeDe Spicher! - I concur. The latest target for condemnation in the ubiquitously publicized case of Kyron Horman, is a simple friend of Terri Horman, DeDe Spicher.