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Published:September 13th, 2010 11:24 EST
You ask for help in saving the wolves?

You ask for help in saving the wolves?

By SOP newswire2

I am writing this note with as much respect as I can muster.  You ask for help in saving the wolves.  WHO may I ask is saving the fawn, calves, coyotes, ect from the wolves??
You do realize, sitting in Florida, that the wolf has no natural enemies in the forest?   As I write this letter I am sitting just outside of the Frank Church wilderness.  Do you know where that is?  Idaho.  JUst where you and people like you don`t venture out in the forest. 
I have been a resident here since 1994.  We used to see moose, elk, deer, squirrels, red fox, coyotes, the list goes on.  I have not seen anything.  NOTHING.  I hear the wolves tho and feel unsafe in my own space due to the wolf. 
Maybe if you and people like you would of released the wolf that was native to this area instead of the 180 pound killing machines this would not be a problem.  I suggest that you get your head out of your --- and realize what a crisis you have started.  In order for elk and deer heards to survive the calf survival rate must be 30 to 35%  It is down below 10%.  And surprise I am NOT a hunter. 
I just love the woods, living here and seeing the wildlife that GOd put un this place for us to enjoy.  No thanks to you.  I even throw the fish back.   Tell me Judyth, have you ever been here??  Or in Wyoming, Montana?  Enjoy the humidity of Florida and leave Idaho to the people who live here. 
 In total anger
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