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Published:December 16th, 2006 10:08 EST
Water pump station in heart of Ramadi repaired

Water pump station in heart of Ramadi repaired

By SOP newswire

Ar Ramadi, Iraq – Al Anbar Provincial Deputy Governor and Civil Affairs Team 5 completed repair and replacement of a water pump at Pumping Station B2 in the Al-Hawz district of Combat Outpost Falcon today.  

The inoperable pump station was causing water to back up at the government center creating a health hazard and nuisance to the community.  The water is normally pumped from the government center to pumping station B2 to be then pumped on into the Tameem Canal.

The project which began November 18 is ongoing and has an estimated completion date of December 28th.  With 85% of the repairs complete, all water is out of the pumping station and eight of ten pumps have been replaced with two fully operational pumps.

The project was coordinated with the Al Anbar Provincial DG Sewer Engineer. Once the project was approved, he found a contractor and coordinated with Team 5 to begin work by delivery of required materials and a working crew of 7 electricians to provide the repairs.

Iraqi Army located at COP Falcon provide the security for the workers while they are aboard the COP and they also search the workers and equipment before they enter the north Entry Control Point. From the time the workers arrive until they leave, they interact with the IA.


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