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Published:March 10th, 2007 04:33 EST
Unselfish Giving to the Troops

Unselfish Giving to the Troops

By Alan Gray

The Washington Times today carries a great story of unselfish giving. For four years, Susan Warren has been collecting contributions, large and small, spending her free time buying daily necessities, boxing them up and sending them to men and women in Iraq and Afhanistan.

The Times says "Miss Warren, a lithe 59-year-old with red hair streaked across her head and dozens of silver bangles on her wrist, now ships 10 to 15 boxes every week, each one crammed with food, magazines and foot powder, bought with donations."

Susan is an inspiration for all of us. She and her friend go on shopping trips together, buying things in bulk, thinking about men and women who have nobody else sending them love, reminders of home and the message that someone cares.

"Every Tuesday, when she gets off work at her job at White Flint Mall, she runs home and starts stacking up the taped brown boxes she has packed during the week, then pushes the heavy cart through the hallways of her apartment building to the ground floor where friend Nancy Fishbein is waiting with her van to take the boxes to the post office." [Washington Times]

Susan has dozens of letters from soldiers, each one thanking her for remembering them, for making a difference. I`m writing this to thank Susan for making a difference because I want her to know we appreciate her doing what she does.

Unfortunately, the Times` story omitted her address. To make a difference yourself, contact Susan Warren, support her and the men and women who serve us, send contributions, large or small to:

Susan Warren
P.O. Box 2422
Kensington, MD 20891-2422

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