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Published:September 9th, 2007 08:22 EST
Six terrorists killed during raids in Tarmiyah

Six terrorists killed during raids in Tarmiyah

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed six terrorists and detained 21 suspects Saturday and Sunday during operations in the Tarmiyah area and Tigris River Valley to disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq’s senior leadership.

Several synchronized raids in Tarmiyah targeted the al-Qaeda in Iraq network operating in the northern belt around Baghdad, including its leaders.  The network is responsible for car bombings, kidnappings, publishing extremist propaganda and operating an illegal court system in the area.

As Coalition forces cleared a building, three men inside reached for weapons in the room.  Responding to defend against the threat, Coalition forces engaged the three armed men, killing them.

A related assault force entered a target building and encountered an armed man who attempted to draw his weapon.  Responding in self-defense, Coalition forces engaged the armed man, killing him.

In another coordinated raid, one female refused to comply with the interpreter’s instructions.  After the ground forces made several attempts to get the woman to comply, she lunged to reach behind some furniture.  Coalition forces, perceiving a hostile threat to the force, engaged the woman, killing her.

Coalition forces securing a target building nearby found an armed man hiding in a closet.  When he was discovered, the armed man fired on the assault force, which returned fire in self-defense and killed the terrorist.

On the scene, the ground forces found a cache of weapons, including 25 mortar rounds, 30 high-explosive rounds, 5,000 anti-aircraft rounds and other ammunition.  They also discovered four improvised explosive devices planted in the immediate area.  A Coalition forces explosives team safely destroyed the IEDs, weapons and ammunition.  Nearby, the ground forces discovered a cache of extremist propaganda and media production materials.

Over the two-day operation, Coalition forces destroyed seven buildings believed to be used for terrorist activities.  The ground forces thoroughly cleared and secured each building prior to any detonation to ensure no civilians were inside.  One building was destroyed by an air strike, while the other six were destroyed with ground munitions.  Coalition forces detained 17 suspected terrorists during the operations in Tarmiyah.

Coalition forces extended their operations to the north while targeting advisers of al-Qaeda in Iraq’s senior leaders who had fled to an area south of Mosul.  The ground forces detained two suspected terrorists during the operation there.

Coalition forces in Mosul captured a suspected member of the Kirkuk car-bombing network during a raid.  In another raid east of Balad, Coalition forces used information from an operation Aug. 8 to target an al-Qaeda in Iraq operative who facilitates the movement of foreign terrorists.  The ground forces detained one suspected terrorist.

“We’re continuing to conduct precision operations to destroy al-Qaeda’s networks and bring their members to justice so they cannot attack the Iraqi people,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman.