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Published:April 21st, 2008 06:05 EST
U.S. Forces Detain 19 in Mosul, Bayji

U.S. Forces Detain 19 in Mosul, Bayji

By SOP newswire2

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces detained 19 suspected terrorists during operations targeting associates of al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in the northern part of the country Saturday and Sunday.

Coalition forces targeted associates of AQI leaders during four operations Saturday and Sunday in Bayji.  The ground force detained 12 suspected terrorists, including two individuals wanted for their association with an AQI leader who is believed to oversee terrorist attacks in the Tigris River Valley between Bayji and Tikrit.

During operations in Mosul Saturday and Sunday, Coalition forces used information from operations April 3 and 4 to target individuals believed to conspire directly with AQI senior leaders.  The ground force detained three suspected terrorists.  In another operation in the city, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual, who is allegedly closely tied to a senior AQI leader, and one other suspected terrorist.

Sunday, Coalition forces detained two suspects during an operation targeting an AQI terrorist who conducts bombings against Coalition and Iraqi Security forces.

“Our consistent efforts to disable the al-Qaeda in Iraq network are breaking apart their ability to conduct attacks against the Iraqi people,” said Cmdr Scott Rye, MNF-I spokesman.