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Published:July 23rd, 2008 10:35 EST
Maule plane overturns at Georgia airport

Maule plane overturns at Georgia airport

By Garrett Godwin

ROME, GA:  A "hard landing" was made yesterday morning at the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport by a a single-engine Maule plane made on a grassy strip, in which it was then overturned.

Maule MT-7-235

Owned by the Civil Air Patrol out of Maxwell Air Force in Montgomery, Alabama, the Maule MT-7-235 was used to take a glider up and make a land on the grass strip.  A statement from the Civil Air Patrol officials stated that the "hard landing" forced the plane to back up and touch down again-- with its front landing wheel struggling into the ground and the plane flipping on its back.

There were no injuries, as firefighters were on the scene when the Maule started leaking fuel.

"There wasn`t anything wrong with the plane," said airport manager Mike Mathews, "but [there was] just a crazy landing." 

The FAA was contacted to look into procedural matters before any attempt was made to correct the plane and remove it from the airfield, and has been asked to investigate and examine both the airport and the Maule, but Mathews said that the investigation team`s arrival time is unknown.