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Published:February 12th, 2009 17:01 EST
U.S. Air Force Disregards Deployment History

U.S. Air Force Disregards Deployment History

By Philip Lawrence

The U.S. Air Force recently announced that deployment history "such as service in Iraq or Afghanistan" will not be considered at future active-duty and reserve officer and enlisted promotion boards. 


many serve in combat only to be passed over for promotion "while their non-deploying peers are promoted." The likely result of this decision is that many good soldiers will either get out, stay in but shy away from combat assignments, or try to transfer to another branch of the military in which service in a combat zone means something. 


That will result in the Air Force having fewer people who will want to serve in combat assignments since being in "harm`s way and being separated from their families for long periods of time" won`t be appreciated at promotion boards.  And both former President Bush and current President Obama have agreed with the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Air Force is going to have to continue to shoulder some of the burden of placing boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan-- from special operations forces to those who serve in support roles at bases and airfields. 


This means the Air Force will have to send many people into combat zones against their will "since the volunteers will have gone " and these people will be getting out at alarming rates once their deployments and enlistments have ended.


If the idea is to gut the Air Force of good people, this promotion-board policy is an auspicious start in that direction.