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Published:July 3rd, 2009 12:39 EST
Would you say, "Mayday!`?

Would you say, "Mayday!`?

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Let`s just say you met a musician attached to the U.S. Navy School of Music.  Let`s just say he was married and likened his current wife to Susan Powter; let`s just say. 

And, let`s just say this Navy musician stripped his wife naked and threw her overboard in order to clear the decks for you.  Let`s just say. 

And, let`s just say that when you married this Navy musician, he promised to abandon some bad habit: Po*nography, maybe.  Plus, let`s just say he promised to never contact his first wife or even mention her name again.  Let`s just say. 

What would you say if you learned this Navy musician had been engaged in a relationship with his first wife for, say, 15 years?  Let`s just say you learned he phoned her while you were out of town; that he asked her to phone him on the Base-- let`s just say. 

Let`s just say you learned he talked to her for more than two hours the night your daughter was born.  Let`s just say he actively pursued a relationship with her. 

Let`s just say she knows about your work, your home, your daughter`s tutor, your remodeled kitchen and who unplugged your mother-in-law.  Let`s just say you are thoroughly persuaded that this Navy musician deceived you completely. 

Would you say, "Mayday"!? 

©Nancy Lee Wolfe 

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