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Published:July 15th, 2008 09:12 EST
Hancock here to save the world

Hancock here to save the world

By Garrett Godwin

Will Smith is back this summer to save the world once again in Hancock, in which he plays a foul-mouthed, boozing, unlikable, homeless reluctant superhero.  Hancock doesn`t know who he is, where he came from, or why he`s on Earth.  As the poster reads, he`s not your typical superhero.  For though he fights crime and saves lives, Hancock isn`t popular with the public-- for he leaves destruction in his wake, costing the state of California billions of dollars.
Will Smith as Hancock
Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, The Kingdom) co-stars as Ray, an idealistic public relations representative who tries to help Hancock clean up his act-- whether Hancock likes it or not.  Oscar winner Charlize Theron (MonsterThe Italian Job) portrays Ray`s wife, who is connected to Hancock somehow-- but you have to see the film for yourself to find out what the connection is.
Unlike the handsome and suave action heroes Will Smith has portrayed in Independence Day, the Bad Boys and Men in Black movies, Hancock should be very much like one of the characters in the Marvel Comics Universe.  Hancock is a very complex, complicated, anti-superhero who is full of angst, human frailties, inner turmoil and conflict, and he sees his powers as both a blessing and a curse.  He has the qualities of being either a reluctant hero or anti-hero, which Hancock is a little bit of both.  Like Spiderman, Hancock is not interested in doing good at first, but throughout the film, he realizes that he has a calling and learns that with great power comes greater responsibility. 
Just goes to show us that heroes aren`t perfect; they`re just like you and me.
Hancock continues to rise heroically in theaters now.