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Published:September 21st, 2008 22:03 EST
Lee Vervoort Stunt Coordinator and Actor in Blood Moon

Lee Vervoort Stunt Coordinator and Actor in Blood Moon

By Denise Kaminsky

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Actor/Stunt man Lee Vervoort and asked him about the new film Blood Moon.  He was open to sharing with me and had this to say:


"Blood Moon is an interesting film which consists of some unique characters. It shows a difficult situation for people in future times which could possibly become a reality. With Blood Moon the director and producer have actually stuck to a great situation for a movie plot while including the real life factors. It does a great job of coming full circle back to the original character."


When I asked Lee about working with Judyth Piazza, he had this to say:


"As far as Judyth Piazza goes, She is fantastic!  I would love for her to be on every set for her charm alone. Judyth to me is a very goal oriented, positively driven women who isn`t afraid to take on the world at a minutes notice."


Any further comments that you wish to add?


"I personally enjoyed my time on set as Unit Production Manager and playing the role of Prisoner. Everyone was a pleasure to work with."


Lee would like to add a big thank-you to everyone involved in the production of Blood Moon. The films premiere`s at the 2nd annual B-Movie Celebration this September 26-28 2008


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