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Published:August 13th, 2009 17:12 EST
Wanted Film Review: Life Is Not Great For Young Wesley

Wanted Film Review: Life Is Not Great For Young Wesley

By Garrett Godwin

Last summer, moviegoers were Wanted for the mind-blowing, big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar`s comic series.

Life is not great for young Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy): he has anxiety attacks; his girlfriend is cheating on him with his co-worker and best friend (Chris Pratt, Everwood, The O.C.); he`s constantly being put down by his boss, and he works in numbers at his cubicle.

Then, one night, everything began to change for Wesley when he encounters the beautiful yet mysterious Fox (Angelina Jolie), who saved his life during a gunfight at the grocery store, which concluded with a spell-binding car chase.  Fox introduce Wesley to Sloan (Morgan Freeman), who tells the young man his father was an elite assassin for an organization called the Fraternity, and that he`s one as well born with skills and abilities beyond the mere mortal. 

At first, Wesley is hesistant to believe this, since he never knew his father, but realizing he has nothing to go back to, he trains mentally, physically, and emotionally to avenge his father`s death as a Weapon of Fate based on only one motto: Kill one, save a thousand

Wesley Gibson is now an assassin, a killer, an hero, but most of all ... he`s Wanted.

I think we can relate to Wesley Gibson because most of us have a job that we don`t like, people that make fun of us with constant "hand-me-down" comments, have the sense of living our lives like a routine doing the same thing everyday.    Like Wesley, we`re all looking for a reason to take back control of our lives and figure out what want to do next.  So, maybe part of Wanted is about one man`s search for his true identity -- and his true purpose, so we must answer Wesley`s question: What the f*** have you done lately?