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Published:December 7th, 2009 21:25 EST
Hellboy II: The Golden Arym Review (DVD)

Hellboy II: The Golden Arym Review (DVD)

By Garrett Godwin

He`s a rule-breaking, cigar-chomping, beer-drinking, cat-loving, wisecracking hero.  The son of the Devil, he is destined to bring death and destruction unto humanity, but ... believe it or not, he`s one of the good guys.

Released last summer, Hellboy II: The Golden Army is the sequel to the sleeper 2004 cult hit with Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Hurt back to reprise their roles.

Known to everyone as Red, Hellboy (Perlman) has been in the service of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, a secret agency dedicated to fight the things that goes bump in the night.  Though he`s the best at what he does, Hellboy`s anti-authority attitude gets him in hot water with his boss Manning (Tambor), which is why the agency sends in Johann Krauss (Seth MacFarlane), who likes to do things by the book.  On top it off, Hellboy`s relationship with fellow firestarter Liz (Blair) may go up in smoke, as she discovers that she`s preggers. 

For years, there has been a truce between our world and the demons.  But when the headstrong Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) decides to declare war on the humans for their greed and selfishness, his sister Princess Nuala (Anna Walton) decides to seek out the BPRD team to stop him from releasing the Golden Army.

Up there with Blade and Angel, Hellboy is the main protagonist caught between humanity and the supernatural -- a demon with a soul searching for purpose and his place in the world, and this sequel expands on that more. 

Like Wolverine, John McClane, and Sam Winchester, he has the characteristics of being a guy`s guy, a working-class fellow, a regular Joe, a tragedy, and reluctant hero.