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Published:February 20th, 2010 23:27 EST

Top 5 Flicks of the Week

By Ernest Dempsey

Here are the top 5 flicks of the week, winning both millions in currency and critial acclaim.

1. Raiders of the Lost Iraq

A merciless politician becomes cross with his putty and hangs him.

2. Kill Me If You Can!

To achieve eternal life, a young psycho becomes a suicide bomber. 

3. For Your Lies Only!

When a television reporter tells the truth about a global conspiracy, she wins the Presidential Award for the Best Comedian of the year. 

4. When Jerry Met Kelly

Two heterosexual lovers meet regularly to discuss if a divorce-free marriage is still possible.

5. The Age of Insolence

While trying to discover a gene for respect, a team of scientists finds two more genes for insolence in Homo sapiens. 


Courtesy: The Movie Maniac