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Published:August 2nd, 2006 09:23 EST
Dead By Day

Dead By Day

By Lonny Stewart

When listening to Dead By Day, one word comes to mind: original. This, unequivocally, can be said without any fear of being proven wrong. Dead By Day is a unique example of a group that can simultaneously take their work seriously and have fun with it at the same time. Their uncanny ability to fuse different genres of metal is present in nearly every track on their website. Each song is a new listening experience, because no two songs are alike. While themes of death, sadism, and religion run amok in the lyrics, their complex tempo changes and inclusion of an organ in the background of numerous tracks give their sound an eerie, demented church music feel.

Some may be able to draw comparisons to GWAR in some of their tracks, and while this may or may not be true, it certainly looks like their music and appearance are influenced by them. Other times, one may get a sense of Cannibal Corpse, in their inaudible screeching and heavy, repetitive pounding riffs. As far as structure is concerned, noticeable similarities exist between them and System of A Down. However, they place a significantly larger emphasis on the mood change, as well as the tempo change. They take you to manic highs, and drop you to depressive lows in the matter of seconds.

For metalheads, this band should be a welcomed addition to your alternative metal collection. For non-metalheads, the music may be too hard to digest, and they may find the music a little too bizarre to really get into. Regardless, their originality is apparent and for that reason, they should be given their dues.