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Published:May 10th, 2007 14:13 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Terry 'Swift' Lemon, Jack of All Trades

Judyth Piazza chats with Terry 'Swift' Lemon, Jack of All Trades

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

There is an old saying: "A master of one skill, will always know that there will be a time when he is needed, however he will never know when that time will come." It may be hours, days, months or even years, for the flow of time does not wait for him, he waits for it." However," a man of many skills will never know a time when he is not needed, and will always know his" wealth." He will claim his hours, days, months and even years." For he does not wait for time, he controls it."" This aspect ripples the actions of the man that Platinum Ice has come to know as"Swift."

Swift, born Terry Lemon Jr. is what some would call a Jack of all trades." A trump card in the hands of any group or organization, Swift has the ability to assimilate any knowledgable resource into his overwhelming database." When questioned, "What does Swift do" one of the members of the Platinum Ice family simply answered, "What doesn`t he do"." This statement is the living embodiment of the motivated soul that is the man Swift." Covering a broad base of actions, Swift specializes in almost everything that he does, seeing everything as a challenge of"which he must overcome."

Swift`s music career began very early, singing in the local churches of his hometown." From" there he began to develope an ear for the smooth sounds of Rhythm and Blues." Becoming apart of a few different music groups of his area, and singing with his life long friend and brother Tiger.

Swift began to become a local music leg end in his own right." However his abilities did not stop there." Moving through the years, Swift gained various talents in almost every area of music and business." Playing various instruments, production, songwriter, and more; Swift is like the combination of technology and experience wrapped into one big ball." Working with such artist as Jazz from Dru Hill and Rick Starr, Swift learned many tricks of the trade of music." However his vast abilities did not stop there, having fell under the tutelage of one of the Movie Industries finest Torrance Colven, Swift began to stand on his own two feet in the world of graphic design and video graphics." Topping this combination off with an outstanding knowledge in internet""""""""" workings and web design, Swift could be the corner stone for any operation.

Nevertheless, Swift`s greatest stand in glory was his recent move to be apart of the Platinum Ice family." With this opportunity, Swift has been able to apply every inch of his creative energy to add on to the monstrous entourage that makes up the core of this outstanding musical entity.


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