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Published:October 20th, 2007 15:55 EST
Interview with Jim Eno, drummer for rock band Spoon

Interview with Jim Eno, drummer for rock band Spoon

By Jessica Baird

After creating a loyal following filled with college aged hipsters and rock aficionados, indie-rock band Spoon is happily basking in the glow of their recent mainstream success. Although the Austin, Texas bred quartet have consistently been hailed by critics, it took over a decade for headlining tours, magazine spreads and a guest spot on “Saturday Night Live” to come to fruition.

Considering the "here today, gone tomorrow" fluctuation within the music industry, Spoon’s steady climb up the Billboard Top 200 charts indicates that the band is definitely capable of creating new and exciting albums for a long time to come.

“We’re lucky to have sales and crowds increase gradually,” said Jim Eno, the drummer in Spoon, during a phone interview about the band’s upcoming concert in Nashville. Spoon will be performing at Cannery Ballroom on Friday, Oct. 26.

This gradual increase, according to Eno, means that people are buying Spoon’s albums and attending their concerts for the right reason-to hear great music. Considering Spoon has yet to garner a huge radio hit, their audiences are not simply attending a live show to hear their best known song. Instead, their audiences are typically composed of fans passionate about each and every album the band has released.

“Our audience tends to know every song,” Eno said in regards to their concerts. “We’re very fortunate.” The group’s brand of ‘mysterious rock ‘n roll,’ as Eno described it, is composed of ingenious lyrics and a gravelly and soulful vocal delivery from singer and chief songwriter Britt Daniel, amidst funky bass lines and danceable beats.

The band’s newest album, “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”, which was released this past July, debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard charts. This chart position increased from their 2005 album “Gimme Fiction”, which debuted at No. 44. “It’s very exciting,” Eno said. “It feels like we’re moving ahead.”  

Spoon’s growing audience can be attributed to feverish word of mouth and thrilling live shows, but more importantly, their recent success is garnered from the band’s ability to make such perfectly crafted rock tunes.

Tickets are currently on sale for Spoon’s upcoming concert in Nashville, for more information, log-on to