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Published:December 30th, 2007 10:00 EST
Liason's Love is 'Ours to Keep'

Liason's Love is 'Ours to Keep'

By Garrett Godwin

"We can't take this for granted. We have to find a way to be together."
                                                               -Elizabeth Spencer

Written by Rachael Lawrence and Deborah Ellen, "Ours to Keep" is the love song for the latest star-crossed lovers of General Hospital, saintly mob enforcer Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and compassionate nurse Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst), also known to fans as Liason.

Performed by singer-songwriter Kina Grannis, the song made its debut on GH September 24, 2007, where Jason & Elizabeth crossed paths at a barn while looking for Elizabeth's sister-in-law, Lulu (Julie Marie Berman).  While at the barn, Jason tells Elizabeth that nearly everyone such as Lulu knows that Jake is his son, and that includes Sam (Kelly Monaco).  Jason tells Elizabeth everything Sam has done such as watching Jake get kidnapped and hiring two men to terrorized Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake.  Jason calmed her down, telling her that Sam is "being taken care of." 

Jason tells Elizabeth that he keeps a picture of Jake and thinks about their son, and Elizabeth tells Jason that she misses him all the time.  The couple came to the conclusion that they will do what is best for their son and they shared a tender, yet romantic, kiss. 

"You know I love you," Jason said.

"I love you, too.  It's what gets me through this," Elizabeth responds.

The song played again on GH in late November when the couple found comfort and solace with one another at Elizabeth's house after Emily's funeral, bonding as a family for the first time with Cameron and Jake.  It was also played again two weeks ago when after spending the night at the Metro Court, Jason & Elizabeth decide to have a secret affair.

"Ours to Keep" is the perfect song for Jason & Elizabeth because circumstances really do keep them apart.  For instance, Jason's dangerous lifestyle is the main factor because he and Elizabeth don't want Jake touched by the violence surrounded by him.  However, something always brings them together such as the deaths of Emily Quartermaine and Georgie Jones.  Jason & Elizabeth realize that life is short, making the choice to not waste any time apart, but to be together-- in secret.  Their love is one that is sweet, sexy, sensual, touching, slow yet steady, beautiful and romantic.

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