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Published:November 5th, 2008 08:30 EST
The Lovely Vanessa Jay!!!

Chase Von And Talented Singer, Rapper And Dancer Vanessa Jay!!!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von: Hey Vanessa and I`m really honored to do this interview with you! So on behalf of myself and the Student Operated Press, thanks so much for finding the time to tell our readers more about you!

Rapper, Singer and Yes, Beautiful Vanessa Jay!!!Vanessa Jay: I am really honored to do this interview! So thank you for having me!

Chase Von: You`re busy doing so many things, it`s hard to pick a place to start with you! But can you tell us what your younger years were like? I know you were born in Suriname and raised in Amsterdam. Also you were what we refer to here in the United States as a Child Star!

You even appeared at a very young age with the likes of Time Bandits and Debarge as a dancer and back up singer!

How old were you when you went to the prestigious Amsterdam Ballet Academy and studied all the various forms of dancing and is this something you truly desired as a child or where you placed there by your parents?

And my main question, were you able to have a relatively normal childhood, being famous at such a young age?

Vanessa Jay: Well my younger years were very happy! Like you said I was born in a beautiful country and raised in a great place like Amsterdam!

I`ve always had a huge passion for music and dancing so for me it was only natural to start dancing at an early age. I started when I was 12 years old and was one of the lucky kids to be admitted to the prestigious Amsterdam Ballet Academy, so I felt really blessed to be given the chance to make my dreams come true!

I was also surrounded by girls like me so we really had a down to earth up bringing. The Dutch mentality is also very different then the one in the states, they tend to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground! No big heads tolerated! (Smile).

Chase Von: The reason I ask is because some times kids do show at a very young age, what they truly want to pursue in life. And other times they are forced into it by parents that want to live their own dreams through the lives of their children.

Alina, an amazing singer and friend of mine who has a CD out now called Piano and Sax and quite a few others did show very young what their calling was and because you have turned out so sweet, well rounded and kind hearted, I felt that was an important question to ask!

I don`t have to tell you about some of the child stars that have had a difficult time adjusting to the adult life!

So VJ, I know you speak English and Italian but just how many languages do you speak fluently?

Vanessa Jay: By traveling as much as I do, I was able to pick up some different languages on my way! I speak Dutch, English, French and Italian all fluently and I can safely get `about` myself in Germany!

Chase Von: While researching up a bit on you VJ, I saw you in pictures with Bono, Tears For Fears, Tommy Vee, Simon Le Bon, the lead singer for Duran, Duran, Randi Ingerman, Internationally known Super Model! As well as with Michael Bolton and even Zucchero whose 1988 album Blue was the highest selling album in Italian history! And he`s worked with every one from Eric Clapton, to Shelia E, B.B. King, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea, Bocelli, Italian Rapping Sensation Jovanotti, Miles Davis Jeff Beck, Cheryl Crow and even Elton John!

You`re also pictured with Savion Glover who starred in TAP with two legends! Sammy Davis Jr. and Gregory Hines! Not to mention like yourself he was a child prodigy as well and spent many years on Sesame Street, and later among his other many achievements starred in the video by Stevie Wonder, A Ribbon In The Sky and more recently as Mumble in the smash children`s movie Happy Feet which also included Brittany Murphy!

Your no stranger to stars having so many of them as friends, but are you going to pursue a few more things here in the United States so more here can learn about your considerable talents?

Vanessa Jay: I had the opportunity through my work to meet a lot of great artist and people so I always consider myself blessed.

I`m always looking to expand my career and really don`t put any limitations to the possibilities life will or can send my way! I just keep working hard and who knows....

Chase Von: Not only do you know all forms of dance, rap and sing, but like international Super Model Randi Ingerman, you also model as well! I`ve seen some of your pictures and they are truly lovely! What are some of the magazines and articles you have appeared in and also since you are so multi talented, do you ever see yourself tackling the big screen as an actress?

Also what are some of your favorite meals and how do you stay so lovely and in shape? Or in others words in addition to dance, which is a work out in itself, do you also have an exercise regime?

Vanessa Jay: Well thank you very much indeed! But I`ve never been a professional model even though I did some photo spreads and cover shoots for magazine`s. Some names for a few of them off the top of my head were Trend Magazine, Hip Hop Magazine and Fashion Mag. (Smile).

Regarding acting, it`s not something I have given serious thought to since I really respect every art form and think that to consider such a serious step, you really need the right preparation. Plus there are so many talented actors out there!

As for staying in shape....well I know it sounds cliché but, believe me I`m one of those people who can eat everything and not gain any weight! Really! Of course I keep dancing and exercising 3 times a week but I can`t say no to my daily dose of chocolate! I also love Chinese, Thai, Italian and of course the food of my country! Surinamese!

Chase Von: One of my more recent interviews was with the lovely singing sensation Leah Devon. But she is also one of the new faces for Zales Jewelry as well! I know you have modeled for products in Amsterdam but do you see yourself doing that in the future here in the United States as well?

Vanessa Jay: I`m definitely looking forward to breaking into the American market so we`ll see....

Chase Von: In 1990 you moved from Amsterdam to Italy and you have been busy ever since! You`ve done commercials, live TV and appeared in Pavarotti & Friends, Festivalbar and Buona Domencia. You`ve also done a live tour with Delmar Brown and worked with the talented and exceptionally well known DJ Massimo Padovani on the track Nasty Rhythm! You`ve also collaborated with DJ Enzo, Master Freez, R. Fame, Hit Aliens, and Francesco Farfa. You`ve also hosted your on Television show on Match Music called City Day and teamed up with Veronica Hit Radio where you co hosted We Can Dance Live!

Not to mention you have been the opening act for Rita Marley and Lauryn Hill in Pisa at A Tribute To Bob Marley! You`re also widely known as one of the most successful MC`s in all the best clubs through out Italy!

You`re on Tutti x Uno and Life Stories with DJ Enzo, Acidazzo with Francesca Farfa, La Colegiala with Hit Aliens, Back To The Track with Ricky T, I Can`t Love Anymore with SoulDivision-ElectroBoogaloo, Wildchild with Abletone, and many, many more!

You also have two CD`s out now called Abletone featuring Vanessa Jay, Wild Child and Channel Balance, The Biggest Club Anthems Of All Time, Vol I.

How soon will you be releasing your solo project to all your fans? And where can readers purchase the two CD`s just mentioned that are already available?

Vanessa Jay: My solo project should be ready by the end of the year and I`m very exited since I`m working with some very talented people! I can`t reveal anything just yet! As for the two other CD`s those were collaborations with two well know Italian DJ`s, (DJ Castello and Ivan Iacobucci) and those tracks are available on web sites like Beatport.

Chase Von: Who are some rappers, singers and just people in general you yourself admire, and who are some of your mentors or role models?

Vanessa Jay: Well I really admire those who obtain their goals and are positive role models at the same time. Those who have the courage to change the world through their actions even if that means risking their lives. So I`m really inspired by people like Gandhi, Malcolm X, Bruce Lee and most recently by Obama. And of course a little closer to home. My Mom and my Grandmother have been real inspirations.

They`ve always taught me to be proud of my heritage. Seeing them raise a family with so much pride and dignity has been a great example for me.

I also really respect strong woman like Rita Marley and Betty Shabazz. Mrs. Coretta Scott King... just to name a few.

Chase Von: Where can our readers find out more about the lovely and multi talented woman who calls herself Vanessa Jay? You know your web sites and your links on You Tube?

Vanessa Jay: Basically, I keep my My Space page really updated so by clicking; they can pick up on my latest releases, news and gigs.

Chase Von: What are some of the cause you truly feel strongly about VJ?

Vanessa Jay: I feel very strongly about causes like fighting AIDS, violence against woman and children, poverty, cruelty against animals and child abuse Chase. More really needs to be done in all of those areas!

Chase Von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?

Vanessa Jay: Family is fundamental to me! I have a fantastic family and I am so proud to be part of them. Being a very spiritual person I really believe in Karma and looking at the state of the world it makes me realize that we human beings are in serious need to re evaluate what`s really important. Being successful is not the main thing in life. It`s so much more important to be loved and to spread love as much as you can.

I`m a serious believer in "what you sow is what you reap". So you better sow roses!

Chase Von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you?

What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Vanessa Jay: I would love to be able to tell every child that they have everything they need already in them. That each of them is beautiful and precious. That they deserve the best of life. To never underestimate their worth and respect themselves and others. To stand united cause that`s the only way that we human beings, will get somewhere.

Chase Von: Are there any other projects you have in the works you can share with our readers and your fans? Maybe a little heads up so they can be on the look out for them?

Vanessa Jay: Well I`m busy expanding the project I`ve founded together with the well known Italian DJ/Producer Castello named Electro Boogaloo.

We`ve just done a successful club tour for Redbull in Europe and have different house music projects that will be released by the end of this year.

We`re talking about another tour that will take us all around Europe and who knows we might even hit the states!

And we`re branching out with two sister company`s called Electro Boogalounge (which has produced the successful single "Saxy" for wide spread magazine Acid Jazz) and Electro Boogabeat (which will produce some of the material for my solo project).

I`ve also got my own radio show in the works so I`m really excited about that and of course my Album! So that`s what`s keeping me busy!

Chase Von: On behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself VJ, I really want to thank you! Especially with all your doing to still find the time to share yourself with our readers.

Wishing you the very best life has to offer and continued success always! And don`t be a stranger OK? (Smile).

Vanessa Jay: I have to thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to share some of myself with you and your readers! I definitely hope you`ll have me back in the future!