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Published:February 20th, 2009 08:55 EST
Stereotyperider stream entire new album Songs in The Keys of F & U on

Stereotyperider stream entire new album Songs in The Keys of F & U on

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Phoenix, Arizona`s Stereotyperider are back with their greatest album (and 4th for Suburban Home) entitled Songs in The Keys of F & U. They had time on their side to pay close attention to every detail of their songwriting. They invited Chris Fogal (formerly of the Gamits) come down to engineer and produce their recording. Chris then took the recording back to Denver to mix and master at his new studio (Black and Bluhm). So far, everyone that has had the opportunity to hear "Songs in the Keys of F and U" have agreed that this is the album Stereotyperider have been trying to release their entire career.

You can stream the album for yourself over at their band profile!!!

For those new to Stereotyperider, they are Suburban Home`s longest running act. Suburban Home  have put out 2 albums and an EP  over the past 9/10 years. They often get comparisons to Quicksand, Seaweed, and Small Brown Bike. Mike, their singer spent many years as, Mandingo`s (Dr. Strange) vocalist. Anthony and Dave spent time in Adam`s Alcoholics and Anthony also plays in current Suburban Home band, the Revenge.

Songs in The Key of F & U will be their first release to see the light of day on vinyl. The LP will be pressed out of an edition of 500 copies (150 on brown w/ yellow splatter, 350 on coke bottle blue/white a-side/b-side). The LP will be packaged with the CD. There will also be a really small pressing on CD (500 total copies, 200 of which will go to press and to the band). We are offering the LP w/ CD and CD individually or you can get one of our Stereotyperider Super Sales that gets you their 3 previous CDs along with this current album for only $10.00 more.
Track Listing:
1. We Are Dinosaurs
2. Dive In
3. Twon Song
4. Luck
5. Long Time Caller
6. Did You Hear What I Meant?
7. Not Sayin` It
8. Problem Solved
9. Useless Point
10. Dave`s Fault
11. Annoy Me
12. "First Time Listener
13. Don`t Want To Know
14. Longer Than A 72
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