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Published:October 19th, 2008 12:02 EST

Massive UFO Fails To Materialize Over Alabama

By Robert Paul Reyes

My recent essay "UFO Experts Predict Huge Spaceship Will Hover Over Alabama on Oct, 14 2008" garnered more hits than any other article I have written this month.

With the stock market on the verge of collapse, and Americans worried about losing their jobs and pension plans, a miles-long spaceship hovering over America sounds appealing. If our politicians can`t save us from gloom and doom, maybe some benevolent extra-terrestrials can fly us to a planet where sanity prevails.

It`s October 16 and a humongous flying saucer didn`t materialize over Alabama. The stock market is still on the verge of collapse and our 401K plans are still in jeopardy.

How many times have UFO experts predicted that aliens will reveal themselves to humankind? How many times have preachers prophesied of the impending return of Jesus Christ? We can`t expect little green men from Mars or Jesus Christ to save us from the vexing problems that we brought upon ourselves.

Blossom Goodchild, the psychic and UFO enthusiast, who predicted the arrival of the massive Lightship issued a formal apology on a video available for viewing on YouTube. At least she didn`t come up with a cockamamie excuse as to why her prediction did not come to fruition, she simply admitted she has no explanation.

Psychics and preachers don`t have a good track record for making accurate predictions. I know that times are tough, but don`t be taken in by crackpot preachers or looney psychics.

I don`t expect a spaceship to beam me away from all my troubles, and I`m not hoping for pie-in-the-sky salvation. We have to find solutions to our intractable problems, and I`m putting my faith in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Contrary to the opinion of some, Obama is not a Messiah, but he is the best hope for our country at this critical juncture in our history.