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Published:November 28th, 2008 15:52 EST

Swamp Gas Or UFO: Watch Video Make Up Your Own Mind

By Robert Paul Reyes

Most sightings of UFO`s are reported by hillbillies after they`ve had too much moonshine. Upon investigation there`s usually a mundane explanation: Billy Bob passed out on his front porch and the "UFO" is a Mosquito Light Repeller.


But here`s an article about a possible UFO reported by a helicopter pilot for a TV station. Helicopter pilots are sober, at least while flying, and they are not likely to confuse an aircraft or a weather balloon for a UFO.

"SACRAMENTO, CA - News10 often receives calls from those who spotted something unusual in the night skies. It`s not nearly as common for those calls to be backed up by our own Air10.

While shooting Friday Night Football highlights over Sacramento, Air10 pilot Ed Georges and FNF correspondent Angel Cardenas spotted a strange set of lights flying over their helicopter.

`I know what aircraft lighting looks like and this was definitely something different,` Georges said. `It looked almost like a scrolling message on a blimp to the naked eye. I was at 1,200 feet and it was considerably higher.`"


Is pilot Ed Georges as clueless as a drunk hillbilly? Click this link to watch the video and make up your own mind: