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Published:January 26th, 2009 11:45 EST
Did Extraterrestrials Attend Barack Obama's Inauguration?

Did Extraterrestrials Attend Barack Obama's Inauguration?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A UFO dropped in on Barack Obama`s inauguration ceremony, it was claimed last night.

News footage captured a shadowy object flashing across the sky before the new President`s speech.

The high-speed object appears to streak behind the Washington Monument and then disappear into the clouds.

The CNN clip, featuring veteran US broadcaster Wolf Blitzer, has attracted thousands of hits on video-sharing website YouTube."


I take all reports of UFO sightings with a grain of salt, if intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe they would pay no more attention to us than we would pay to ants under our feet.

The chance that we would encounter an alien race that`s just a few hundred years more technologically advanced than us is almost zero. If there is intelligent life out there they could very well be millions or billions years ahead of us, and it`s doubtful that we would even recognize them as sentient life forms if they stood (hovered?) right next to us.

But if aliens are interested in someone in our little blue planet, it would be Barack Obama. The 44th president of the United States is the most popular and powerful person in the world. Obama has instilled hope and optimism in Americans, and he has elevated the consciousness of everyone in the world with access to a TV or a computer.

If a joker claimed that a UFO hovered over Bush as he delivered a speech, everyone would exclaim: Yeah, right! But maybe, just maybe even extraterrestrial beings are enthralled with Obama.

Watch the video and make up your own mind: