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Published:January 29th, 2009 12:18 EST
Pub Patrons In The UK See UFOs

Pub Patrons In The UK See UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A group of drinkers who claim to have spotted UFOs as they came out of their local pub were also plunged into darkness.

Lord Nelson pub landlord Keith Gelderd and his locals watched the shapes glowing in the sky but were then greeted by house alarms going off as the whole village suffered a blackout."

The first sentence of this article tells us all we need to know. It doesn`t read a group of physicists attending a lecture on string theory claimed to have spotted UFOs as they came out of the lecture hall. It reads "a group of drinkers", drinkers being the operative word.

The common denominator in a lot of UFO sightings is alcohol -- drink enough booze and you will see little green men from Mars and Oprah Winfrey piloting a UFO. One time I had a birthday party at a restaurant with a comedy theme, and the urinals had huge faces of the Three Stooges. While I was doing my business in the restroom I had a conversation with Moe, and when I stumbled back to my table I told my friends that I met the Three Stooges in the John.

I know some UFO true believers will say: What about the blackout? Was that just a coincidence? Coincidences do happen, but one of those drunkards who left the pub may have crashed into a telephone pole and caused the blackout.

According to the Ananova article one of the inebriated clowns said: "If I live to be 100 I`m sure I will never see anything like that again." Actually all he needs to do is get plastered again and there`s a good likelihood that he will see UFOs, angels or ghosts.