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Published:July 14th, 2009 19:50 EST
Just What We Need: Another UFO Club

Just What We Need: Another UFO Club

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Mae Burdette knows that when she mentions UFOs and extraterrestrials, her statements often fall on skeptical or even deaf ears.

But at the second meeting of a newly formed UFO Club, Burdette found an audience willing to listen with an open mind.
She told a group of 20 people Wednesday night at the Princess Anne Area Library about her experiences with alien abductions, mysterious men in dark suits and her ability to foresee events, such as a neighbor`s house fire.

`The club is about bringing people together and putting their experiences into perspective,` said Burdette, 64, who lives in Chesapeake.

Cameron Pack, 25, created the UFO Club so people like Burdette can share their experiences and connect with others who have felt marginalized after speaking about peculiar events."

May God (or the great Mothership in the Sky) bless dear old Mae, she is performing an invaluable service by demonstrating that a UFO enthusiast is just as likely to believe in similar nonsense like "men in black." and ESP.

Mae`s tall tales about UFOs should fall on skeptical ears, Pack ought to be ashamed of himself for giving this deluded old lady a forum for babbling about little green men from Mars.

It`s a crying shame that this UFO Club meets in a library, an institution that should be spreading truth and knowledge. This crazy club should be meeting in an occult book club.

I invite the members of this club to meet in my home, I will put their experiences in perspective by dropping some common sense on them.