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Published:August 9th, 2009 14:09 EST
Divining and Solving Real Life Problems

Divining and Solving Real Life Problems

By Devinder Sharma

I want to write about a remarkable person whom I will simply call KNV. KNV was like any other English educated company employee with usual middle class aspirations who worked in one of India`s most admired company called ITC Ltd. and retired 3 years ago. He is short, with a big head and a spreading paunch moves slowly and speaks softly that I have to strain my ears to make out what he is speaking. In his spare time he helps people by providing solutions to their personal, domestic, health and professional problems by removing their blocks.  Before he retired he consulted the whole day on Saturdays and Sundays but now retired he consults in the afternoons for all the days in the week.

He always had long queues of all types and kinds of people from all faiths and faithless as well. The queues have grown longer. He gives each person half an hour. To get an appointment you have to request through a letter with SASE any day between the 15th. And 25th. and based on a number of factors he gives the person an appointment in the next month.

He and many people in India believe that by virtue of one`s planetary considerations; past thoughts, feelings, sentiments and actions; samskaras; karmas; interactions with other people; misunderstandings etc. create blocks in one`s flow of life which come in the way of success of the individual`s undertakings, relationships, efforts, plans, aspirations, projects and health. KNV has studied and formed his own techniques of knowing or gleaning from a person what the problem is and the sort of blocks the individual has.

Once the appointee has related his problem or doubt or anxiety NKV takes out from a cloth bag a handful of cowries and places them on the table and proceeds to arrange them into small heaps of four. The numbers of cowries face up or face down in groups and the number in the last heap are important considerations. After studying the layout of the cowries, the problem and the time he prescribes a way by which this block can be removed, essentially a puja (worship) to be performed on a particular day and time or without restriction in a specified temple detailing the offerings to be made, the mantras the presiding priest has to intone, the deity to be worshipped etc.

Many people or should I say believers seek another appointment with KNV after their pujas to ascertain if their pujas have been accepted or not. I have talked with a couple of people directly and through them learnt about other individuals who had been advised by KNV and found that KNV`s success rate is around 60 % over the last twenty years he has been practicing.   

He has a Spartan office with a steel table and three steel chairs and an executive chair for himself in a small 8 ft by 8 ft room. Like a general medical practitioner he has a waiting room where the appointee for the coming slot waits for his or her turn. When the earlier appointee leaves the waiting appointee is invited. After listening to the problem KNV might consult ephemeris or an almanac or not. He lays a thick sheet of paper with table drawn on it and with his pen draws lines and symbols in this table after writing the individual`s name and problem in a few words. He then closes his eyes and goes into some sort of a trance and quickly comes out with (1) Interpretation of the problem (2) The reason for the problem or block (3) He gives a remedy in detail, which is a puja and its where, when, how etc. The remedy could also include feeding the poor, charity or undertaking a fast and so on. He then proceeds to write the remedy on the sheet and will answer questions if any and provide clarifications. Directions to the temple and in cases where the temple is in another city how the worship could be done by post including priest name address are provided. After giving his fee the appointment is over and the next appointee called.

I know of a person from England who wanted a consultation and his caretaker or assignee got KNV`s appointment and followed it with a meeting and also performed the puja and the whole exercise was a fantastic success. The caretaker was my colleague in an Indian software company. I would like to close with a small conversation I had with him a month ago. I asked him what he was doing to pass on his insight and technique which he had perfected after thousands of consultation. His answer was simply, It can`t be taught and no one can learn it ".          


Samskaras: Various impressions positive or negative, life enhancing or life sucking, healthful or otherwise are etched on the psyche during life`s passage in this and in previous lives. The sum of these forms the samskaras of the individual which determine the personality and destiny of the person. When the net figure is positive, the individual is blessed with virtues. However, in most cases, the net balance is negative and houses aberrations indicating that the individual has been subject to many stressful or corrupted exposures.


Karma: Hindus hold that God (or the power attributable to Universal Energy) is merciful and compassionate and does not punish or reward anyone. Man creates his own destiny by his own thoughts, words and deeds, which produce corresponding results good, bad or indifferent decided by their moral and ethical qualities. All human actions produce their own consequences, which are sanctioned by nature. It follows therefore that if a man does well (good) in this life then he will be born into a better life in his next incarnation. This cycle of births and deaths continues until the person attains moksha or enlightenment, which is freedom from birth.