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Published:February 2nd, 2010 11:30 EST

Aliens Invade Godalming! God Almighty!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"ALIENS were circling over Godalming last week, that is according to people living in the town.

A couple who called themselves Beck and Kris also got in touch with a website dedicated to logging apparent UFO activity to report a sighting over Godalming on Thursday.


The pair said the object was a silent orange light that `flew` low over the town and then `faded` into the distance." Read More

If aliens with the advanced technology to travel immense distances came to Earth, they would visit Moscow, Berlin, London or Washington DC, anywhere but Godalming. Even most Earthlings have no freakin` idea where Godalming is located.

I love how the reporter says that "a couple calling themselves Beck and Kris" reported a UFO sighting. My name is Robert, but if I got drunk and I saw a UFO, I think I would call myself "Kris" when reporting the UFO to a Web site dedicated to UFO tomfoolery.

The pair said the object was a silent orange light, it was probably an orange traffic cone tossed in the air by a hooligan.

Enough of this UFO foolishness, you would think folks in the UK has more pressing problems.

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