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Published:February 10th, 2010 12:19 EST
UFO Mania

UFO Mania

By Robert Paul Reyes


"In a rainbow of different colored suits, 68 daredevils plunged from 13,000 feet above Lake Elsinore, Calif., on Nov. 13. After weeks of training, they perfected a jaw-dropping diamond formation that many called beautiful - and others found downright terrifying." Buck Wolf/AOL News

The skydivers were mistaken for UFO`s, people with no clue and no life flooded 911 with reports of an extraterrestrial invasion.

I can understand if the daredevils were mistaken for the famous Flying Elvi, but UFO`s? Everything in the sky that can`t be readily identified as a bird or a plane is described as a UFO.


If the Flying Elvi falls down from the sky in my town, I wouldn`t be surprised if people called the police. There is nothing more horrifying than having middle-aged men decked out like the Las Vegas-era Elvis Presley falling down from the heavens.

But for God`s sake, if you see anything else in the sky that you can`t immediately identify, don`t tie up the freakin` emergency numbers.

Elvis isn`t alive, and there are no UFO`s piloted by little green men from Mars.

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