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Published:December 18th, 2008 22:06 EST
Three-Legged Cat Returns After 7 Weeks

Three-Legged Cat Returns After 7 Weeks

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Cincinnati area woman has again found Hope, her three-legged cat with that name whose disappearance led to an extensive search. Hope`s owner, Norma Meece, had hired a pet detective as part of a nearly seven-week search costing more than $500 dollars after the cat disappeared from Meece`s home in suburban Green Township.

Pictures of the missing pet were plastered all over the neighborhood, and the pet detective spent hours looking inside sheds and under porches with the help of a bloodhound."

The Associated Press

I own two cats and two dogs and I wouldn`t spare any expense searching for a lost pet, but this article raising some interesting questions.

*What were the circumstances that led to the disappearance of Hope? My two cats never go outside, and I can`t imagine any scenario that would result in their disappearance.

*Why were photographs of Hope plastered all over the neighborhood? How many missing three-legged cats are there in the small community of Green Township. Wouldn`t a sign declaring "Missing three-legged cat. Reward." suffice?

*Pet Detective? You mean there`s a real life Ace Ventura searching for lost pets?

*How did the pet detective escape injury? If I find an idiot looking under my porch, he`s going to get some lead in his butt.

*Why was the pet detective searching for a missing feline with a bloodhound. A kitty is going to run away if he sees a fool, who calls himself a pet detective, approaching with a dog.

At least the AP story answers the question why Hope only has three legs, the poor thing had a leg amputated.