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Published:January 22nd, 2009 18:45 EST

Homeless Shelter Opens Door To Homeless And Their Dogs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A shelter in the Belgian city of Liege has opened its doors to dogs this winter to persuade their homeless owners to come in from the freezing cold.

The city`s social welfare agency has agreed to house about eight homeless people with their pets at a local soccer club when it is freezing outside.

Michel Faway, secretary-general of the agency, said the program started because many homeless people refused to come inside without their dogs no matter how cold it got."


As I write this essay it`s below freezing and my dogs are warm and cozy in my kitchen. The thought of pooches facing rain, show and freezing temperatures leaves my heart cold.

I have less sympathy for homeless human beings who are facing the harsh winter out in the cold, the great majority are in their predicament because of alcohol or drug addiction.

And I have no sympathy for homeless bums who selfishly adopt a pet. If you can`t provide food, water, medical care and shelter for a dog, you don`t deserve to have a dog.

Municipalities should take away pets from homeless persons, it would be the humane and compassionate thing to do.