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Published:April 30th, 2009 10:57 EST
Windswept Chihuahua Found by Pet Psychic

Windswept Chihuahua Found by Pet Psychic

By Christopher HIllenbrand

A chihuahua named Tinker Bell was swept up by winds gusting up to 70 mph on Saturday in the small town of Waterford Township, Michigan 25 miles northwest of Detroit. Her owners watched in horror as the six-pound toy dog was lifted off the ground and carried away.


The dog`s proud owners, Dorothy and Lavern Utley from Rochester, were selling their wares at an outdoor flea market in the city with their loyal companion seated on their display stand when the gale-like winds hoisted the dog in mid-air and threw her out of view of her appalled caretakers.

After searching for their beloved pet for over a day, the couple sought out assistance from a pet psychic who then led them to a wooded area about a mile away from where the flea market was located and to a very frightened furry friend.

Tinker Bell had managed to survive without her owners` care and attention, and when she was found, she was slightly malnourished and caked in dirt but surprisingly in good health.

The owners praised the medium for her valued services, who they firmly believed had a second sight in finding the unlucky canine.

Dorothy Utley told The Detroit News that when Tinker Bell first saw her owners coming to retrieve her, she "just went wild."