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Published:August 26th, 2009 19:39 EST
Max: An Abused Pooch Who Has Become A Loving Member Of Our Family

Max: An Abused Pooch Who Has Become A Loving Member Of Our Family

By Anna French

Max is a very common name for dogs, actually the most popular in the US for male dogs. This Max in particular has a different story. Max is a mixed Doberman with Great Dane who was hit by a truck over a year ago. The driver never stopped to give any type of assistance. 

Max was taken to animal rescue, and was given to a foster parent the night he was going to be put down. She took very good care of Max, but couldn`t stay with him any longer.

My boyfriend and I were in the process of moving, and his brother mentioned to us about a dog named Max that was being given away. Now that we were moving to a house with a nice backyard, he would be perfect.

So we went to check out this dog named Max, I was in shock when I saw him, he weighed 70 lbs at the time. For his breed he was very underweight, matter of fact you could see his ribs. We both took a look at him had our doubts at the same time he was so friendly and there was something about his look into my eyes that I had never seen before in all the previous animals I have had in the past. I told Ernie I wanted him, and he agreed as well.

So we took him home, and in the beginning there were some adjustments to be made.  Prior to the foster parent he had come from a very abusive home violence you name it so he was afraid of a lot of things like brooms, mops quick movements etc. However we got to know each other very well, and boy does Max know if I`m upset he will come and just sit besides me and lick me non- stop. He gives me that look that tells me it`s going to be OK.

Today his fears are gone we can now use brooms and mops etc and hug him and pet him and he won`t run, and he now weighs 100 lbs.

Bottom line and the moral of my short story is where there is love there is success and hope for a better tomorrow.