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Published:September 30th, 2009 21:21 EST
Don't Let Them Kill the Three-Legged Wolves

Don't Let Them Kill the Three-Legged Wolves

By SOP newswire2

The wolves of the New Mexico`s Middle Fork pack are some of the most endangered animals on the planet. 

The mother and father of the pack have both lost a leg to painful human-made traps -- leaving each with just three legs. A punishing drought in the Middle Fork pack`s home range makes the search for food to feed their four pups more and more challenging. And anti-wolf forces are working to once again eradicate their entire species in the wild.

Please donate today to help Defenders protect these most endangered animals.

The Middle Fork wolves really are extremely important. As one of just two breeding pairs in New Mexico for the nearly extinct Mexican gray wolf (the lobo), the Middle Fork pack`s alpha male (AM871) and female (AF861) are critical to the future of the wolf in the Southwest.    

Will you help us protect the Middle Fork wolves? Your tax-deductible donation today will help us "

Pawprint icon Demand that the federal government not cave into the pressure of local wolf-haters to kill these wolves.
Pawprint icon Use proven on-the-ground techniques to keep these wolves away from livestock and away from the guns of those who would shoot them.
Pawprint icon Post rewards to bring poachers who kill endangered lobos to justice.

Twice this summer, state agencies have threatened to remove the Middle Fork wolves from the wild -- a move would see these wolves either killed or consigned to captivity for the rest of their lives and would wreck efforts to rescue lobos from a second extinction in the wild.

So far, Defenders of Wildlife and our allies have been able to convince officials to keep the Middle Fork wolves where they belong -- in the wild. But ensuring the safety of these wolves -- and saving lobos as a species from extinction in the wild -- is a daily fight that we need your help to win.

Please donate whatever you can afford today to help save these amazing animals.

The Middle Fork wolves are some of the most important wolves in the country, but we need your help to save them. Please donate today to help us save this pack and the species whose survival in the wild may well depend on their fate.

For the Wild Ones,

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Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife