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Published:February 3rd, 2009 09:13 EST
who am i?

who am i?

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

who am i?

In my mind, I am a blind man seeking for vision.

"Who am I?" is only a question.

Am I the river separating the forest from the desert?

I know I should be the missing tone

between noise and silence.

I came with nothing still I want to give it all.

"To nature for nature, I owe it all." This is my motto.

Still, who am I?

The best way to know me is to love me.

If you do not know me, do not judge me.

Appearance is not reality.

I am black, I am white-these colors,

those words mean nothing to me.

Human blood, I know, is red

neither black nor white.

Who am I?

Was I a bad person before?

If it is my past that makes me,

Then I am history

that could be change.

To err is human, correct me do not condemn me.

My pedigree may not be well defined

still it can be refined.

Words are all I have left but in which language

should I express myself?

I am simple; I am complex,

I am like poetry. I am who you take me for.

I am me you are you. Only God knows what

I don`t know what I should be.

I can only run from what chases me

from outside not from within.

I love it...,


Help me break the barriers

and build the bridges.

`Till then, I am nothing but a dreamer.

I really do not know who I am; but, for sure,

I know there would never be another me.

MBAH Harry AGWA, 1st April 2007.