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Published:March 29th, 2009 13:19 EST
Tears of Different Colors

Tears of Different Colors

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

They call it names
Saying, it`s Global,
Being part of the genesis or not doesn`t mean a thing.
Where are we?
Global village; yes
Global crisis; Not sure
Global warming; may be
Global disease; I wonder
Global greed: perfect true
Global punishment; sure
Global tears; tears of different colors? yes.
Global answer? Us, we, me, I
Global reformation; exactly!

The world has recently been bleeding tears of different colors; it`s just another higher height for this planet. Being responsible for all what is happening, I feel that mustn`t call for panicking. The good side is only seen after the bad side has forgotten to be calm.

Some persons made the plan,
Whereas others will be taking it lightly
But the commoners feel it all.
It is no crime to be first
It will never be a crime to become second,
 Nor be cursed for being last.

Tears of different colors
 Weeping green, that`s what it`s reflecting
Somewhere, far-wide is jubilating Red.
Purple be the princess prince,
Upper height, it`s dropping yellow
Glad to see it flowing blue
Now! Where they meet will be their junction point.
Of course, the explosion wouldn`t be sweet to see
But the commoners smear & feel it all.

Tears of different colors
The common people being my foundation
They that I neglect, hold me up
They path my way so that I could walk delay-less
I found to eat, thanks to them
I got my sights as they ceaseless pray for me
Now I think I owe them nothing

Just a little apology will solve it all.

Global up-right, Global left-down is just a matter of responsibility. Since we have decided to become super intelligent, just a little sting is making us cry deeply. The worse will come if we don`t admit the errors we`ve made and move further. Now isn`t the times to blame anybody instead keep doing your best and let it flow. Where they meet will be their junction point.
For sure, another nature`s wonderful gift to mankind.

No person is a commoner
Life is like a football match
Where every person isn`t an attacker,
While mid fielders are boiling teas
Defenders are seen clad to drink.
As spectators regale them
Who else, other than the referee will enchant the brassy sound?
Lines men women make sure all goes well
And in the end, the coach heir it all.

Tears of different colors